Banish Creaky Hardwood Flooring With 4 Easy Maintenance Tips

Stepping onto creaky hardwood flooring can be an annoying problem to have in your home. Whether this problem is as a result of the foundation shifting or the numerous years that have passed since installation, there are some good ways to get rid of this annoying problem.

With this in mind, you can begin to tackle the projects needed to get rid of these pesky creaks with your hardwood floors.

Fix a Moving Floorboard with Nails

An easy way to fix a hardwood floorboard that feels loose under your feet is by repairing it with a few small nails. Make sure to keep the nails near the edges of the boards and tap lightly to prevent any damage. With this simple fix, you can secure the floorboards and make sure that you won't trip over uneven floors, as well as deal with any creaking.

Use Powdered Graphite Between Floorboards

Another way to fill gaps between the floorboards that cause it to creak and move under your feet is by using powdered graphite. Since powdered graphite is typically quite dark in coloring, it is important that you stick to using the graphite only in small gaps so that it doesn't show up too dark. Letting only a small shake of graphite settle before adding more should go a long way towards reducing creaking.

Fill Cracks with Liquid Glue

If there are any cracks between the wood floorboards, this could be the root of all the problems with creaking. Instead of getting frustrated over the frequent creaking, you should use a liquid glue designed for use with hardwood flooring and repair the cracks.

Rely on Professionals for Further Assistance

After trying some of the methods above, you may be frustrated since the creaking could still persist. Instead of trying to rip up the old floorboards and replace them, consider hiring professionals for their insight towards what can be done. They may be able to get rid of the creaking without hundreds of dollars spent on replacement boards, so it is a smart idea to try if nothing else has worked.

Creaky floors can be bothersome and could come with a number of other issues, such as gaps that could make it easier to trip or floors that may not look like they're in the best condition any longer. With the tips above, you can repair the issue without delays. Visit Towne Interiors for more information.

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