Need New Flooring On A Budget? Reasons To Consider Carpet Tiles

If you are in need of new flooring, but have a tight budget, you may be unsure what options you have. One of the inexpensive flooring options available is carpet tiles. Learning the benefits of this material will help you make an informed decision as to whether this is something you should consider for your home. Here are some of the benefits to carpet tiles.

Carpet Tiles are Easy to Install

Flooring tiles are extremely easy to install. Carpet tiles either have a firm back that you apply an adhesive to and stick into place, or come with an adhesive already on the back. Simply peel away the backing, like you would a sticker, and press the tile firmly into place. The advantage to this is that this is a project you can complete yourself, saving you money on installation costs. And if you do decide to hire a company, the installation process is faster than other flooring options, helping you to stick to your flooring budget.

Carpet Tiles Can Be Installed Over Existing Hard Surfaces

Another benefit to carpet tiles is that they can be installed over existing hard surfaces. This includes tile, laminate and hardwood floors. The benefit to being able to install these tiles over an existing surface is that the existing surface doesn't have to be removed. Removing old surfaces can be time-consuming and costly. And unfortunately, once the flooring is removed, you never know what you will find underneath. You may have an uneven sub-floor that needs to be repaired. You avoid this by leaving the existing surface intact. As such, when you are on a budget and in a hurry, these tiles are a great option.

You Can Create a Unique Floor

The last benefit to carpet tiles is that you can create a unique floor. When you buy carpet tiles, you are able to mix and match colors and textures to create a floor or surface that is unique to your space. You can use the tiles to make a pattern, or lay floor tiles down to give two children sharing a room their own defined space. With all of the different options available when it comes to flooring tiles, the sky is the limit as far as making your flooring one-of-a-kind.

If you have a space in your home that is in desperate need of new flooring from a company like the one found at, but you are on a limited budget, carpet tiles may be the perfect solution. They are easy to install, can be installed over existing hard surfaces and allow you to personalize the flooring in the space.

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