Home Decor 101: 4 Tips For Incorporating An Industrial Light Fixture In Your Home

Industrial pendant lights are a chic addition to any home. Clean lines and a variety of silhouettes make them ideal for any home, whether designed with modern or country touches. Finding an industrial chandelier light might not be difficult, but hanging one can be. So if you are struggling to figure out how to incorporate your light into your home, don't fret. With these four tips, you'll easily incorporate it into any décor:

1. Don't Limit Yourself To The Ceiling

You might think that you are restricted to hanging your light from the ceiling, but that isn't true. Pendant lights can often be hung from various locations, including walls. For example, a smaller pendant light could easily hang from a wall in a hallway to bring light and style. Other unique hanging options include affixing the light to a desk, bookcase, or other furniture piece.

2. Group Them Together

Smaller pendant lights and chandeliers also look great clustered together. Two, three, or even five pendant lights can create an astounding focal point in the room. It also creates a great statement piece. Whether hung over a dining room table or in the entryway, a group of pendant lights creates a fun, unique, and casual look.

3. Go Big

If you have a larger home or wish to create a big statement, consider opting for a larger industrial light. Oversized pendant or chandelier lights can bring drama and elegance to any room. While these large lights tend to look best in entryways, they can be hung anywhere you desire. Add some whimsy to the bedroom, bring attention to the dining room, or dress up a hallways with an oversized light.

4. Add Color

Finally, if you love the look of something industrial but don't like the metal, feel free to change it up. A quick coating of spray paint can easily bring any industrial light into this century. Black and white are always good options, as they are very neutral. However, bold colors can also go a long way towards making a room feel hip and young.

As you can see, you have many options at your fingertips when it comes to hanging an industrial style pendant or chandelier light. So don't limit yourself to what you see in interior design magazines or on television shows. The sky is the limit, and with these tips, there are thousands of possibilities for creating a room that is both stylish and comfortable.

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