Decorating Your Home: How an Online Designer Can Help

Online interior designers and decorators, also known as E-designers, have been growing in popularity for many reasons. Convenience, affordability, and the ability to stay at home while working with a professional to make your home show worthy are all tempting reasons to choose this avenue for assistance. Here are ways an interior designer can help you make your home simply beautiful, all from your home computer or laptop.


Some websites simply charge a membership fee to join their community of online designers and home design tools. Rather than pay a personal home decorator an hourly fee for their services, you can simply pay a one-time or affordable monthly fee to an online service where you have unlimited access to paint matching tools, modern decorating trends, and professional designers ready to help you redesign your home from carpeting colors to crown molding designs.

Custom care

Once you fill out your personal design profile online with an E-designer website and talk to an interior decorator to share your expectations for your home and why you want to decorate, you get the same custom care you would get from a face-to-face consultation. Some designers will want current pictures of your home's interior forwarded to them to get a better idea of what you can transform your living space to be and will walk you through the upgrading process step-by-step using easy decorating tools on the website they work for.

Independent decorating

Perhaps the largest perk to choosing an online decorator for your home is that you get to do the work within your house yourself. When you hire a designer for your home, the traditional approach is to have them pick out your furnishings, paint, and accessories and allow the decorator to transform your home on their own. With an online decorator you are largely in charge. You can take the advice you receive and apply it to your home revamping project as you see fit, which allows you the independence to make changes as you see fit. When you get stumped on how to incorporate your favorite patterns or trends, you can simply log on to your computer to consult with your designer for advice.

If you love upgrading your home but you don't want to have to decorate it alone, an online interior designer can be a helpful tool for you to use. Explore websites like The Designers Envelope that offer this service before you choose the best one for your budget and needs.

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