Custom Frame Ideas For Prom Photos

Prom night is a special time for your teen, and you'll want to share that memory with friends and family. Custom photo frames offer a way to capture the magic of this evening for years to come. Here are just some of the many custom framing options to consider when displaying your teen's prom photos.

Prom Theme Frames

Ask your teen what the theme will be for prom, and then work with your custom frame shop to create a design that matches that theme. For example, if the theme is "Under the Sea" and the colors are blue and silver, the frame shop can create a design using those colors with a few nautical details. This option creates a cohesive look with the photos for a beautiful way to remember the evening.

Ticket And Corsage Shadow Box

Shadow boxes let you display photos as well as mementos, and prom comes with a host of trinkets to show off. You can add the actual tickets from prom as well as flowers from the corsage or bouquet. If your child's high school hands out swag bags as part of the evening, consider using the bag as a background in the shadow box. You can also add a few other trinkets, such as a handbag or cummerbund, to remember the evening.

First Look And Couple's Series Frame

First look photos are popular with wedding photographers, but you can also apply this type of photography to the pre-prom photo shoot. Have your teen and his or her date meet in the living room or on the front lawn for the first look, and have a camera ready to capture the look on each person's face. You may want to enlist the help of a friend or family member so you can photograph both teens during this precious moment. Print out a series of the pictures, and choose one photo of each teen to frame together. Your frame shop can create a custom design that incorporates first two or three of the first look photos.

Dress-Covered Frame

You can also use the fabric from your teen's prom dress or dress shirt to create an upholstered prom photo frame. Ask your frame shop how much material will be required, and ask your teen's permission before cutting up the dress or shirt. Provide the material to the frame shop, and have them use the fabric as part of the actual frame or as the matting behind the prom photo. This custom option offers a one-of-a-kind way to display your child's prom night memories.

Ask your framers for other ideas you can use to create touching way to remember this special night.

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Prom night is a special time for your teen, and you'll want to share that memory with friends and family. Custom photo frames offer a way to capture t