3 Essentials For Adding The Farmhouse Style To Your Home

From modern and contemporary to traditional and rustic, there are many decorating styles you can choose for your home. However, more and more people are finding the farmhouse style a great option because of its appeal and popularity. Of course, incorporating farmhouse décor into your current home may seem overwhelming, but help is available. This guide will give you a few simple solutions for decorating your home in the farmhouse style.

Barn Doors

One way to add farmhouse style to your home is by installing barn doors. These doors are usually made out of wood, such as reclaimed barn wood, and attached to a bar that moves along a track system.

To open or close the barn door, you would slide the door to the left or right. While appealing and aligned with farmhouse décor, barn doors are beneficial for other reasons, too.

For example, if you lack floor space in one room, a barn door can be a great option. Since opening and closing the door does not take away from the actual floor space, you do not need to worry about having the clearance for opening and closing traditional doors.

If you prefer a different material other than wood, you can even find more modern barn doors or invest in a vintage door that can be installed on a barn door tracking system.


One of the easiest ways to add farmhouse style to your home is through shiplap. Most people have seen or heard about shiplap without really understanding what it is.

Shiplap is basically strips of wood, which are secured to the wall's surface and painted or stained to a color of your choice. Shiplap adds a subtle, rustic texture to any room of your home.

One interesting fact most people do not know about shiplap is that in older homes, shiplap consisted of wood that was secured together using tongue and groove installation. Today's shiplap consists of wood boards nailed to the wall without actually connecting the boards together.

Consider white shiplap around a fireplace or cover the wall behind your bed in the master bedroom with shiplap painted in a light grey color.


Finally, incorporate unique antiques into your décor if you want the farmhouse style. Visit flea markets and thrift stores to find pieces that are not only appealing, but also based around your personality.

If you enjoy to cook or bake, invest in a large collection of antique cookbooks, which can be displayed on a shelf in your farmhouse kitchen. If you enjoy reading or sewing, consider rustic bookshelves, a library card catalog, or a vintage sewing machine for your living room.

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